Press Release: Preclinical safety studies demonstrate that drug presence can accentuate pathological responses at stent fracture sites

“These findings could potentially have a seminal effect on development of innovative DES coating designs to treat coronary artery disease,” said Rami Tzafriri, Ph.D., Director of Research and Innovation, CBSET. “Animal models of real-world scenarios such as stent fracture offer an exciting opportunity to differentiate the relative effectiveness of novel drug eluting stent designs that […]

Press Release: Study Validates New Approach for Optimizing Endovascular Drug Delivery Using Stents with a Deployable Coating That Enhances Sirolimus Distribution Compared to Traditional DES

“Defining drug and target protein distributions after stent-based drug release: Durable versus deployable coatings” published online in Journal of Controlled Release “This preclinical demonstration of the enhanced and more uniform drug and biomarker distribution by stents with deployable coatings could lead to more rapid and improved healing after stent implantation,” said David Kandzari, M.D., Director […]

Press Release: Preclinical safety studies must include equally balanced male/female animal models to shed light on sex-dependent vascular responses in humans

“Sex Differences in the Outcomes of Stent Implantation in Mini-Swine Model” published in PLOS ONE “Retrospective analyses of pooled animal data can provide important insights into sex-dependent anatomic and pathophysiologic differences,” said Rami Tzafriri, PhD, Director of Research and Innovation, CBSET. LEXINGTON, Mass., Feb. 12, 2018 – CBSET, a non-for-profit preclinical research institute dedicated to […]

News Advisory: You Need To Know: Endovascular Drug Delivery Is Experiencing a Resurgence in Innovation

“Understanding and computationally modeling the determinants of drug release kinetics and tissue distribution can help further drive innovation at reduced cost.” – Rami Tzafriri, PhD, Principal Scientist, CBSET “Endovascular Drug Delivery and Drug Elution Systems: First Principles” Abraham Rami Tzafriri, PhD Elazer Reuven Edelman, MD, PhD “…The first principles outlined…serve as a handbook for features […]

Press Release: Data provides new insights into the optimal balance between drug-eluting stent coating material properties and drug elution kinetics

“Drug eluting stents remain a ripe field for continued innovation. Until now, the focus on sustainable drug elution has strictly limited the choice of DES coating materials. Our study results confirm a new paradigm for optimizing coating biocompatibility,” said Rami Tzafriri, PhD, Principal Scientist, CBSET. LEXINGTON, Mass., Oct. 28, 2015 — CBSET, a not-for-profit preclinical […]

Press Release: CBSET expands capabilities for high-speed, high-resolution 3D image-guided interventions in the preclinical development of cardiovascular therapies

“We are committed to investing in state-of-the-art technologies that advance the most effective preclinical science for our Sponsors” – Peter M. Markham, President and CEO, CBSET LEXINGTON, Mass., November 19, 2013 — CBSET, a not-for-profit preclinical research institute dedicated to biomedical research, education, and advancement of medical technologies, has expanded its preclinical development capabilities with the installation […]