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CBSET GLP Preclinical Services

CBSET is a multidisciplinary, not-for-profit research institute that supports a range of applications in therapeutic and device development, with OLAW-assured, AAALAC-accredited animal research facilities and GLP-compliant analyses.

CBSET Study Design Guide

An overview of the principal features relating to the design and conduct of nonclinical studies. CBSET scientists, veterinarians, pathologists, and other staff will review these features in greater detail to formulate a study design specific to your technology/therapy.

Cell-Based Therapies

Cell-based medicines are being developed for every therapeutic area, each a novel regulatory challenge. CBSET is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) research institute that specializes in the advancement of novel therapies.

GLP Preclinical Services for Auditory Safety

The auditory specialists at CILcare and Boston-based, GLP-compliant CRO CBSET, Inc. have created a strategic alliance to offer drug and device developers cutting-edge preclinical services for the evaluation of auditory functions in a regulated GLP environment.

Cardiovascular Research

CBSET was founded by renowned experts in cardiovascular research, with expertise in performing GLP-compliant preclinical procedures.

Localized / Targeted Drug Delivery

Targeted drug delivery localizes exposure to the site of action, overcoming physiological barriers. Novel excipients and modes of administration have synergized with biocompatible materials and biological agents to optimize bioavailability and open new therapeutic strategies.

GLP Histopathology and Morphometry

Histology is a critical endpoint for the evaluation of medical devices, drugs, biologics and biomaterials. CBSET's histopathology facility and ACVP-boarded pathologists provide flexible support and active collaboration for all facets of sample processing, staining, imaging and analysis, pairing it with expert interpretation and reporting.

Computed Tomography (CT) Imaging

Clinical CT imaging systems can provide a valuable complement for your preclinical research and development. CBSET employs an 8-slice small-bore portable Samsung CereTomĀ® CT scanner that delivers the highest quality noncontrast, angiography, and contrast perfusion scans in a variety of locations.

Evaluation of Mesh Implants and Related Devices

Prosthetic patches, meshes or plugs made from synthetic or biologically-derived materials are often used in the repair procedure for surgical or laparoscopic approaches in a variety of locations, including breast reconstruction, abdominal/pelvichernia repair, and hiatal hernia repair.

Computational Modeling of Local Drug Delivery

CBSET is a pioneer and leader in combination drug-eluting device designs, leveraging its expertise in experimental and modeling techniques to study the mechanisms underlying device implantation, elution kinetics, efficacy and safety.

Biomechanical Testing

Mechanical testing of both biomaterials and biological tissues can be a critical component in both the design and evaluation of medical devices.

Renal Denervation

CBSET has developed specialized expertise in the development and application of minimally invasive device-based interventional therapies for renal denervation.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

High-resolution imaging can be a powerful tool in supporting product development and technology differentiation, and in fortifying regulatory submissions. CBSET offers Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) services that complement our other services, including in-life studies, pathology service and mechanical testing.