Innovating Technology. Integrating Science. Improving Lives.

CBSET is a state-of-the-art biomedical research institute located in Lexington MA.

Our mission is to advance biomedical research through innovative, high-quality services. We combine top-tier research with operational expertise. Since our inception, CBSET has continued to develop technical and scientific acumen through collaborative projects in the medical device, pharmaceutical and academic communities. Our 40,000 square foot, GLP-compliant, AAALAC-accredited facility includes vivaria, procedure rooms, catheterization / imaging labs, surgical and necropsy suites, histopathology, SEM, and a range of other technologies.


  • Credibility. We are recognized as unbiased experts, bringing independent credibility to your regulatory filings.
  • Culture. Our culture is science rather than commerce; we value new models and creative collaboration.
  • Mission. As a 501(C3), non-profit corporation, our motivation is to enable your success; your product is our mission.
  • Integrated resource. Our multidisciplinary team includes board-certified veterinary, quality, biological and quantitative sciences expertise, as well as board-certified pathologists – all in one facility.