Fellowships, Postgraduate Internships and Research Visits

CBSET has established a range of fellowships, postgraduate internships, and research visits. These programs provide translational research training in a GLP environment to scientists, engineers, physicians, pathologists, and veterinarians. CBSET is always looking for great candidates in these areas. If you are interested in applying, please email your CV and a short letter of intent to info@cbset.org.

Current Participants

Maria Tomas Gracia, October 2017 -

Maria Tomas Gracia is a Biomedical Engineer. Prior to joining to CBSET she pursued her MSc program of Biomedical Engineering at Universitat de Barcelona and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (Spain). She carried out her final thesis on comparative medicine between animal and human thrombosis models under the supervision of Dr. Kolandaivelu. at the Clinical Research Center, at IMES/MIT.

As a CBSET Research Intern, Maria is helping on the exploration of comparative models by incorporating elements of human disease conditions and patient-specific conditions into current animal and bench-top tools. She is also gaining hands-on experience on scientific marketing and on medical device industry strategies.

Rebecca LaFleur, Veterinary Fellow, July 2017 -

Rebecca LaFleur is a veterinarian. Prior to joining CBSET she completed a residency training program in Laboratory Animal Medicine at Penn State Hershey. She received her veterinary degree from Tufts University and holds Masters degrees in Laboratory Animal Medicine from Tufts University and Penn State University.

As a CBSET Veterinary Fellow, Rebecca will be actively involved in training staff, providing veterinary care and assisting in model development.

Lucas Rotllant Daurella, BS Research Intern, April 2017 -

lucasrolanddaurellaLucas Rotllant Daurella is a Bioengineer. Prior to joining CBSET he re-enrolled in a Masters program in Industrial Engineering Technology at the Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain) and conducted experiments on cell seeded flow loops in Professor Jordi Martorell’s laboratory (a former CBSET intern himself!). Lucas graduated with a BSc from the Bioengineering and Material Science Department of the same institution, where his thesis focused on understanding the mechanisms behind viscoelastic vascular prosthesis and arterial stiffening, such as damp blood pressure waves, using both mathematical and computational models. As a CBSET Research Intern, Lucas is helping develop cell-based services and applying computational modeling for understanding local medical devices.

Fernando García Polite, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Scholar, November 2016 -

Fernando García is a Bio-computational Scientist and Chemical Engineer who has interned for a year at CBSET (February 2015 - January 2016). Prior to returning to CBSET as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar, he carried out his PhD research at MIT and IQS School of Engineering, analyzing the effects of hemodynamic alterations on the performance of the blood-brain barrier, under the supervision of Dr. Mercedes Balcells.

Fernando's postdoctoral research at CBSET is supervised by Dr. Tzafriri and focuses on the development of novel benchtop experimental models and computational analytical tools to support in vivo procedures during the development and optimization of drug and energy delivery devices.

Mazen Albaghdadi, MD MSc, Visiting Scientist, February 2016 -

mazenalbaghdadiMazen Albaghdadi, MD, MSc, is a Graduate Assistant in Interventional Cardiology and Fellow in Vascular Medicine and Intervention at Massachusetts General Hospital, with translational research experience in biomaterials and medical devices.

As a Visiting Scientist at CBSET, Mazen is involved in research related to neuroablation therapies.

Past Participants

Alice Rouanet, Business Development Intern, May 2017 - September 2017

alice-rouanetAlice Rouanet interned at CBSET in support of her Master’s degree program in pharmaceutical science with an emphasis on industry practice at the University of Montpellier in France. During her internship, Alice provided marketing and regulatory guidance in support of a collaborative service offering between CBSET and CILcare to provide preclinical auditory testing and ototoxicity models.

Her work regarding this collaborative service contributed to a publication in World Pharma Today magazine:

Pasdelou MP, Naimark M. "Auditory therapy ototoxicity, and GLP compliance." World Pharma Today, VOL. 2, Issue III, November 2017.

Josep Maria Balaguer, MS, Research Intern, September 2016 - August 2017

Josep Maria Balaguer is Biomechanical Engineer. Prior to joining CBSET, Josep M. Balaguer received his Bs.C & M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from UPC (Spain) and had interned at the MIT/IMES Clinical Research Center where carried out his master thesis focused on experimental and computational models for personalized diagnostic mapping of latent thrombotic responses, under the supervision of Kumaran Kolandaivelu, MD PhD.

As a CBSET Research Intern, Josep applied computational modeling and image analysis methods for understanding local tissue anatomy and stent based drug delivery. Building on his prior internship at MIT, Josep was also involved in the scaffold thrombosis research collaboration with Dr. Kolandaivelu. His work at CBSET contributed to several abstracts and a manuscript.

Tzafriri AR, Garcia-Polite F, Li X, Keating J, Balaguer JM, Zani B, Bailey L, Markham P, Kiorpes TC, Carlyle W, Edelman ER. Defining drug and target protein distributions after stent-based drug release: Durable versus deployable coatings. JControl Release. Volume 274, 28 March 2018, Pages 102-108.

Tzafriri AR, Garcia-Polite F, Li X, Keating J, Balaguer JM, Zani B, Bailey L, Markham P, Kiorpes TC, Edelman ER. TCT93 Stent based tissue drug and binding target protein distributions: durable versus deployable coatings. TCT-93. JACC. Volume 70, Issue 18, Supplement, 31 October 2017, Page B41. doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2017.09.150.

Jordi Martorell, Research Intern (September 2011 - August 2012)

Prior to joining CBSET, Jordi received a BSc and MSc in chemical Engineering from the Universitat Ramon Llull (Spain), and had pursued graduate studies under the supervision of Dr. Mercedes Balcells at MIT.

As a CBSET intern, Jordi developed analytical techniques to perform histopathology on polymeric tubes and compare them with animal models. This work done in collaboration with the Harvard-MIT Biomedical Engineering Center, and contributed to his PhD thesis and to two journal publications:

Martorell, Santomá, Molins, García-Granada, Bea, Edelman, Balcells. Engineered arterial models to correlate blood flow to tissue biological response. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1254 (2012) 51–56.

Martorell, Santomá, Kolandaivelu, Kolachalama, Melgar-Lesmes, Molins, García, Edelman, Balcells. Extent of flow recirculation governs expression of atherosclerotic and thrombotic biomarkers in arterial bifurcations. Cardiovasc Res. 2014 Jul 1;103(1):37-46

Currently, Dr. Martorell is an Assistant Professor at the IQS School of Engineering.

Mikhail Maslov MD, PhD, Visting Scientist, June 2015 - April 2017

Dr. Maslov is an Assistant Professor, Staff Lead Scientist at St. Elizabeth's Medical Center/Tufts University School of Medicine.

As a visiting scientist at CBSET, Mikhail developed animal models of heart failure, investigated pharmacology of novel cardiovascular drugs, and was involved in the development of CBSET’s bench-top models of arterial drug distribution.


Kenta Nakamura, MD, Research Fellow (July 2015 - June 2016)

Dr. Nakamura joined CBSET as a Research Fellow in conjunction with a Postdoctoral Fellowship at MIT, a Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship at MGH, and a Clinical Fellowship in Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

At CBSET, Kenta focused on developing animal models of heart failure, while also directing studies and performing large animal. His work at CBSET contributed to several abstracts and one manuscript.

K Nakamura, JH Keating, ER Edelman. Pathology of Endovascular Stents. Interventional Cardiology Clinics. July 2016, Volume 5, Issue 3, Pages 391–403.

Nakamura K; Bailey L; Grintz T; Keating JH; Edelman ER. Efficacy and Histomorphologic Evaluation of the Essential Medical MANTA Large Bore Vascular Closure Device in Swine. Presented at Innovations in Cardiovascular Interventions (ICI ) 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Currently Dr. Nakamura is completing an Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at the University of Washington and will be joining the Heart Regeneration Project and cardiac catheterization laboratory as Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and Acting Instructor of Medicine in July 2017.

Fernando García Polite, MSc, Research Intern (February 2015 - January 2016)

Prior to joining CBSET Fernando Garcia received his Bs.C & M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from IQS (Spain) and had pursued graduate studies under the supervision of Dr. Mercedes Balcells MIT with a focus on the Hemodynamic alterations at the Blood-Brain Barrier.

As a CBSET Research Intern, Fernando was focused on designing, developing and implementing computational methods to assess the preclinical performance of endovascular drug and energy delivery devices.

Tzafriri AR, Garcia-Polite F, Schulz-Jander D, Melder R, Goshgarian J, Tunev S, Stone G, Edelman ER. Solubility-controlled sirolimus release from drug-filled stents. EuroPCR; 2016 May 17-20; Paris, France.

Tzafriri AR, Nikanorov A, Zani B, Stanley J, Garcia-Polite F, Budrewicz J, Knutson J, Kohler R, Markham PM, Edelman ER. Plaque modification with an orbital atherectomy system enhances drug distribution in calcified peripheral arteries. EuroPCR; 2016 May 17-20; Paris, France.

Tzafriri AR; Bailey L; Keating JH; Garcia-Polite F; Markham PM; Prutchi D; Edelman ER. TCT-84 Enhanced Circumferential Ablation using a Multi-electrode Bipolar/Unipolar Over-the-Wire Renal Denervation RF Catheter System with Closed Loop Sensing. TCT-84. JACC. 2015;66(15_S):. doi:10.1016/j.jacc.2015.08.128

After defending his PhD thesis, Fernando returned to CBSET as a Postdoctoral Research Scholar.